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What’s CareFirst all about? It’s simple: hassle-free healthcare, anytime, anywhere. Need a doc at 3 a.m.? No problem. With CareFirst, you’re covered.

The CareFirst Journey for Consistency

In 2004, Emergency Medicine became an independent specialty in South Africa. Our founder, Dr Steve Holt, was among 12 doctors selected to grandfather this new specialty, based on their already extensive experience in emergency medicine.

Over the next 10 years Dr Holt developed emergency medicine protocols and systems after he observed inconsistencies in emergency care due to factors like the time of day, location, doctor’s experience and qualifications, and paper-based systems. Recognising the need for a systematic approach to emergency care, he sought ways to streamline decision-making in high-pressure situations by implementing policies to govern these areas.

Over time, Dr Holt has championed digital advancements to enhance healthcare delivery. His innovations, including, electronic healthcare record design, emergency medicine dashboards and AI assisted virtual healthcare, have transformed emergency units and given practices access to cutting-edge technology. This evolution reflects his vision for the future of healthcare and in particular virtual healthcare.

Dr Holt says, “….the evolution of technology has now created the opportunity to truly enhance and deliver healthcare by virtual means. Devices, connectivity and now AI are the additive building blocks of healthcare service delivery, affording us the opportunity to deliver care to more people, more accurately and more affordably than ever before.”

Today, CareFirst continues Dr Holt’s legacy by providing healthcare technology that empowers everyone in the industry, from patients, to practices, to clients, delivering care that is consistent, data driven, high-quality care, and cost effective care.

We’re not all just talk...

CareFirst is on a mission to redefine healthcare, one click at a time. We’re here to break down barriers and empower you to take charge of your health with ease. Because when it comes to staying well, we believe everyone deserves simplicity and support.